Subaru WRX Engine Replacement


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In this case study we're going to walk you through how we did an engine replacement for a Subaru WRX 2L turbo. You'll find photos and videos below and some more on our Facebook page.


Day 1

Watch the video below to see and hear what the engine was like before we started. It has a problem with the big end bearings, which are in the bottom of the engine




Gearbox coming out


Rear of motor without clutch and gearbox


Engine Bay


Day 2

We were very busy in the workshop on day two and didn't get as much done as we would've liked. Here's a quick video showing you the difference between a working turbo (it spins) and one that doesn't work (it doesn't spin).


Half dressed engine, this is what a timing belt looks like in a WRX EJ20 turbo motor


Luke hard at work


Engine bay cleaning up nicely


New turbo on the right, old on the left


Day 3

The engine is put back in the car and everything is reconnected again.



a rear main oil/crankshaft rear oil seal



flywheel in the clutch




Day 3 brought us to the end of the engine replacement. Have a listen to the engine in this video and compare it to the one above, you'll notice the difference.





Finished WRX Engine Replacement

We want to say a big thankyou to Daniel (the owner of the car) for letting us share these photos and videos with you.


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