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Hundreds of happy customers can't be wrong. Kiwi French Automotive is one of the best in the business when it comes to getting your car serviced, repaired and back on the road with a minimum or fuss and no nastry surprises.

Your regular Log Book and General Services are no exception. Did you think you had to take the car back to the dealer? Think again! You can take your car to any qualified mechanic, like ourselves, for your log book servicing and still keep your warranty intact.

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What's involved in a Log Book Service?

The timing and details of a log book service depends on the car. You should have received a manufacturer's handbook with your car when you bought it and that will contain the specifications for your car's ongoing log book servicing. The handbook/log book contains information about what should be serviced and when. Sticking to your log book service schedule is important for maintaining your vehicle's statutory warranty.



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